CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our mission of ‘working together on an inspiring living environment for everyone’ is rooted in our business operations. The same mission is also the cornerstone of our CSR policy. An inspiring living environment will only truly be realised when the interests of people, environment and society receive cohesive attention.  

CSR as an opportunity

We have never associated Corporate Social Responsibility with limitations. On the contrary, we associated it with opportunities: opportunities to define our vision more clearly, opportunities to improve our services and opportunities for developing even stronger ties with people - employees and clients alike.

Since 2008, we have reported on the goals we achieve in a separate CSR report. This helps us realise our goal of taking full account of the circumstances in which we do our work. CSR policy has a fixed place in our organisation. Our vice-CEO Martine Geurts has CSR in her portfolio and serves as the Board representative for CSR-related issues.

Certification and guarantee

Our divisions are certified according to the criteria of levels 3 or 4 of the CSR Performance Ladder. The Performance Ladder for Corporate Social Responsibility helps us to make our terms and conditions of employment verifiable. We underscore this by also signing up to the Code of Responsible Market Conduct. Our FIRA certification enables Trigion, Facilicom Solutions and Gom to demonstrate their CSR performance to clients and suppliers via the FIRA platform. Our ISO 14001 certification proves that our care for the environment can be objectively verified.