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Facilicom - Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to the information compiled by the websites of Facilicom and its business units (or other websites linked to these) during your visit to our site.


Facilicom may use cookies, which are small simple files saved to the hard disk of your computer when visiting or Facilicom-related websites. We use cookies to improve our knowledge of the use of our site and give us insight into how it is used.

The type of information that we compile using cookies relates only to your PC and does not contain personal details. We collect information such as the IP address, date and time of your visit to our website, which pages you visited and whether those pages were available to you quickly and successfully.

We use this information to improve our website and provide you a better online experience.

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Personal Details

We compile and use personal details (such as name, address and telephone number) for:

  • replying to your questions or comments
  • providing you services
  • processing orders and other matters submitted by you
  • confirming or performing our obligations towards you with respect to every arrangement you have made with us
  • anticipating and solving problems with services provided to you

Your personal details are not shared with third parties.

Visiting other Facilicom sites

This policy has bearing on the Facilicom website. Facilicom's business units may have a privacy policy that differs from ours. If you visit other websites, please read the privacy policy of the site your are visiting.

We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policy or privacy acts of other websites, not even when:

  • You were led to the external website by means of a link on our website;
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We recommend reading the privacy policy on every site you visit and contacting the owner of the relevant website with any questions or comments you may have in this regard.

For questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.