Our values

Focus on results

Facilicom uses specific criteria to measure the performance of people and processes. Everyone receives clear goals and is assisted as much as possible in focussing their efforts on achieving them. We make performance measurable and as transparent as possible so that employees and clients can themselves assess whether the goals are being achieved. That leads, on the one hand, to effective operational management and, on the other hand, to transparency and objectivity in the assessment of people.


Sustainability appeals to Facilicom’s long-term vision, to the continuity of the relationships that we enter into, to our many years of experience, to the future orientation we advocate, the CSR policy of our company and, last but not least, to taking responsibility for the way in which we, Facilicom, operate and can be held accountable for what we do. As such, the term has far-reaching connotations.


Facilicom does not consider the divisions as separate entities, but considers it important that the companies are interconnected and that they also feel connected. The companies have a common interest in terms of values and standards and the way in which the people work together within a company. The markets in which they operate are usually adjacent to each other, so that, also in terms of content, there are many opportunities for knowledge transfer. The relationship with the client also revolves more and more around long-term mutual cooperation. That is something we are familiar with.


Facilicom wants to lead the way in introducing new services and concepts. We encourage employees to closely monitor market developments and make resources available to further develop or start up new initiatives and ideas. Where necessary, Facilicom will participate in joint ventures or other partnerships. When Facilicom starts new activities, they are given room outside the structures of Facilicom to develop. Once they have passed the pioneering stage, they receive a definite place within the structure of the organisation. In addition, we work continuously on modernising our working methods.