Core activities

In an inspiring living environment, a building, interior, services and care provision are not separate entities. They reinforce each other. That is the approach we apply to bring out the best in people. We do this at Facilicom Group though two key areas: Facilities and Care and Welfare. 


Organisations have a growing need to integrate solutions in the areas of both facility services and building management in a smart way. As market leader in facility services, we put these solutions into practice. We ensure that the appropriate areas of expertise are represented from the beginning of the concept phase and provide the resources for the ideal implementation.

You can find an overview of the facility companies of Facilicom Group under Facility companies.

Care and welfare

The care sector attracts a lot of attention. And rightly so. Care must be people-oriented, of high quality, but also affordable and ready for the future. And that also goes for welfare, where there are major challenges to ensure that everyone can and may participate. Typically something for Facilicom Group.

You can find an overview of our companies in care and welfare under care-related companies.