2021 7Jul

A traineeship programme for vocational college students

2021 7Jul

1 September sees the launch of Facilicom Group’s traineeship programme for vocational college students. That makes the Group the first services company in the Netherlands to offer graduates of senior secondary vocational education a 2-year traineeship.

For the build-up stage of the programme, Facilicom Group is working closely with several education partners in the Netherlands, such as AlbedaAmsterdam’s ROC and Zadkine. ‘It means we can align the traineeship perfectly with their courses and the professional field, and we can ensure that the trainees find suitable positions and career opportunities at Facilicom Group, Geert van de Laar, Facilicom Group’s CEO, explains.

This traineeship programme is in keeping with our vision

Traineeship programmes aren’t new to Facilicom Group. After all, Facilicom has had a traineeship programme for graduates of higher professional education and university graduates for many years. And that has worked out very well. Many of those trainees have gone to hold managerial positions in the company. In addition, a traineeship programme produces a varied workforce, it helps us connect to society’s diversity and offers young talented people the opportunity to acquire skills that we believe are part of being a leader.

Facilicom Group is investing in vocational college traineeships
‘At present, there are very few secondary vocational traineeships on the market, and here at Facilicom, we want that to change. We believe in the importance of secondary vocational education and we want those students to have the opportunity to grow and evolve on our traineeship programme. That’s why we’re investing in the setup of this programme, so we can facilitate the match as well as possible’, Geert van de Laar finishes.

Click here for more information about the traineeship programme or to sign up for it.

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